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We are a full-service law practice in Singapore. Clients, domestic and international, come to us for practical legal solutions from commercial disputes to marital woes and everything else between. 

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

Winston Churchill

At R. S. Solomon, we ask you to turn your burdens over to us and let us journey with you.

Our Practice


Both local and international clients seek our assistance on a variety of business issues and transactions. We support them in areas such as business formation, company secretarial services, corporate legal advisory, commercial transactions, regulatory compliance and intellectual property rights.


Going to court to resolve a dispute should be the last resort. However, if our clients are forced to litigate, we do so with rigour and total conviction, regardless of the nature of the dispute. We litigate to deliver pragmatic results, not to chase billable hours.

Real Estate

We advise clients on a wide spectrum of real estate dealings in Singapore, which range from sale and purchase to leasing, across all property types.

Personal Injury

Serious motor or industrial accidents are traumatic and often life changing, if not fatal. On such occasions of distress, our clients can depend on us to ensure that they receive the maximum compensation that they justly deserve.

Criminal Defence

Even a law-abiding person can sometimes run foul of the law. We ensure that your fundamental rights are respected and enforced at every stage of the criminal process. Nobody should be deprived of justice.

Divorce & Family Matters

We firmly believe that litigation has no place in family matters, be it divorce, maintenance, child-related issues, probate or Mental Capacity Act applications. Family members can often act against their better judgement and embroil themselves with senseless litigation. The heavy price on one’s emotions and finances should not be underestimated. We firmly advocate for relationship-focused solutions, and do so with sensitivity and empathy.

Immigration and Employment

Both local and international clients come to us for advice on Singapore’s employment laws and work pass applications. We also work closely with associates abroad to offer bespoke immigration solutions to clients wishing to migrate to Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

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About Us